A Blonde Moment

| Romantic | September 20, 2012

(I am naturally a very dark brunette, but I’ve dyed a streak of my hair blonde. My boyfriend and I have developed an inside joke based on this, that I often am a little overenthusiastic about.)

Me: *picking one of my blonde hairs off of his dark shirt* “Who’s that blonde tramp you’ve been cheating on me with?! I’ll find her, I swear!”

(He laughs good-naturedly at the, by now, exhausted joke.)

Boyfriend’s roommate: “Seriously?”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend’s roommate: “Are you psychotic?” *to my boyfriend* “Dude, get out of there.”

Boyfriend and me: “Excuse me?”

Boyfriend’s roommate: “It’s your own hair, you crazy b****!”

(After a moment or two of hysterical laughter, we managed to explain to him that, that was precisely the point.)

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