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A Blizzard Of Pettiness

, , , , , | Working | CREDIT: GetAgrippaThis | July 12, 2021

I work at a coffee shop in Canada. My location has this rule that you absolutely get written up if you are late over two minutes, but you do not get in any form of trouble if you call out. I live an hour each way from where I work, and the roads can be treacherous in the winter.

On one occasion, it is especially bad, and I am exactly five minutes late. I don’t even get to clock in before I am in the office getting reamed out for my terrible insubordination. I confirm the policy and refuse to sign the write-up.

About two months later, the same situation comes back around. I arrive in the parking lot and I look around to see the absolute demonic blizzard taking place. The clock shows me I have two minutes until my shift starts. Since they want to play that game, I call from the parking lot to tell them I won’t be in; the roads are just too bad. I don’t get in an amoeba of trouble for it.

Soon, everyone learns the same thing as I did, and callouts become frequent. Nobody in management has ever figured out why.

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