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A Blizzard Of Complaints

| Right | March 1, 2017

(It has been severely snowing in our area and storm warnings have been out for days. About half the regular stores are closed due to weather. The roads are icy, and so is our parking lot. Most stores are out of sand, gravel, ice melt, etc. to put on the sidewalks. We only have a small bag left to do the entryway to the store.)

Customer: “Excuse me!”

Me: “Yes?”

Customer: “Your parking lot is terrible! My husband slipped when he got out of the car! What are you going to do about it!?”

Me: “Well, unfortunately, since we have been getting twelve inches of freezing snow and rain every sixteen hours, the snow plows cannot keep up with it. Is he hurt? We can fill out an accident report for you to take to the hospital if needed.”

Customer: “No, he is fine, but I want you to go and sand that parking lot.”

(All of us employees look at her. She is the ONLY customer in the store. We look outside at the literal BLIZZARD.)

Me: “I’m sorry, you want me to go out and sand the ENTIRE parking lot by hand?”

Customer: *blinks at me, completely serious* “Yes”

Me: *trying to be serious and not laugh while my co workers are also trying to keep it together* “Well, unfortunately we don’t have enough sand to do that. And all the stores are out, too.”

Customer: “Well, that is stupid! How can you expect your customers to shop?!”

Me: “There is a blizzard happening. We DON’T expect people to be out shopping!”

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