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A Blind Date Ends In Blind Justice

, , , , | Right | February 14, 2023

My bar is an overpriced tourist trap in the crappy part of a tourist town near the cut-rate motels that aren’t that close to the beach.

A guy comes up to the bar.

Customer: “I’m here for a blind date, but I’d like to order some things before she arrives.”

He pre-orders heavily modified appetizers and drinks.

Customer: “Make sure you make those right! My lady needs to be treated right when she gets here!”

As we’re preparing his order:

Customer: “Hurry it up! You’re all so slow!”

Later, we start bringing his stuff out.

Customer: *Snapping his fingers* “Are you r******d? With all this stuff, you need to move me to a better table!”

He was basically being as annoying as possible without doing anything to get kicked out.

We were rooting for a no-show, but his date arrived… and lasted less than ten minutes.

We were grinning so hard as she marched on out of there with him following and begging her to stay. We intercepted him to discuss the check to allow her a clean getaway. It was so much more satisfying than a tip could have ever been.

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