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A Blanket Response

| Romantic | April 17, 2012

Husband: “I’m going to go put the new sheets on the bed.”

Me: “Could you do me a favor, and take the winter blanket off of the bed? It’s getting kind of hot at night.”

Husband: “But I like the weight of it.”

Me: “Just do it! Please?”

(He walks off to the bedroom. 10 hours pass.)

Me: “Did you take the blanket off of the bed like I asked earlier?”

Husband: *stands up* “Let me get you a drunk!” *walks in to kitchen and pours a glass of water, acting like he’s making a mixed drink* “Hmm, that should be good.” *takes a sip* “Ah yes! Here! I’ve poured you a nice tall glass of get the f*** over it!”

(I crack up laughing.)

Husband: “I formulated that joke as I was making the bed. I’ve been waiting for you to ask me that all day!”

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