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A Black Mark Against That Friend

| Friendly | December 29, 2016

(My friend is white but I’m Asian. We’re discussing a TV series that originated from comics. I didn’t know the comics at all then.)

Me: “I ship [Female Black Character] and [Male White Character].”

Friend: “I don’t like her; why the h*** is she even black?”

Me: “What’s wrong with being black?”

Friend: “She’s not supposed to be black. It’s just wrong.”

Me: “What do you mean? A black person is a person. Just like Asians. You even defended me when [Bully] said he didn’t like my colour.”

Friend: “What? No! I’m not racist.”

Me: “I’ve had experience with people who were fine with one race not their own, but still be racist to another race. Looks like you are. So are Asians okay just because I’m your friend?”

Friend: “I mean she, and [Black Character’s Black Father] should not have been made black. It’s not the dating part. That’s perfect, but they aren’t black!”

Me: “Still, you are not liking them because they’re black.”

Friend: “They aren’t supposed to be. They are only black because the actors are.”

Me: “Wait, what?”

Friend: “The TV changed it; they were white in the comics for 50 years. Why the stupid change?”

(Not the best way of initially expressing her dislike of deviation, but she has never mentioned any other dislike due to deviation. This was during the first season. It’s now third season and she’s still never mention any dislike of deviation again, which were plenty. I don’t get it…)

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