A Big Welcome Gift

| Related | January 25, 2016

(My mother and sister had gotten into an argument a few days ago and still haven’t resolved it at this stage. My mother’s birthday is also coming up soon, and my sister came to me looking for ideas on what to get her since they weren’t on talking terms. Note that my mother hates frames and wall hangings.)

Me: “So, I was wondering what you wanted for your birthday?”

Mother: “I thought you had already gotten me tickets for the theatre?”

Me: “I have… [Sister] was looking for ideas, so what would you like?”

Mother: “Respect and consideration…”

Me: *sighing* “Something she can actually buy instead, maybe?”

Mother: “Kindness and peace…”

(This goes on for a few more times before I get fed up.)

Me: “If you don’t tell me, I’m going to let her buy the ridiculously huge non-refundable ‘Fáilte’* wall hanging she was looking at!”

(*Fáilte means ‘Welcome’ in Irish.)

Mother: “Well a bit of ‘fáilte’ in this household wouldn’t go amiss! I’ll stick it up in her flippin’ room! It might help the family if she learns the meaning of the word!”

(She started laughing so hard at her own joke she couldn’t finish our conversation!)

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