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A Big Sign Of His Laziness

| Working | August 10, 2015

(We’ve been given warning that corporate are planning an inspection in an effort to get the store in shape. I’ve been staying back up to four hours unpaid for most of my shifts. This is a Sunday shift.)

Manager: “Corporate will be here on Wednesday, I don’t know how we are going to get everything done. I stayed back an hour and a half yesterday so I’m leaving early today. You have to cover me.”

(I leave three-and-a-half hours late trying to get everything done. But that night sleep doesn’t come and I sit up until three am writing up needed signage and emailing them in. I ring the next morning to see if the signs were okay, as I have two days off.)

Manager: “Oh, yes, I got your email. The signs look great.”

(On Wednesday I get back to work, and get given work that should have been done by the manager over several weeks, and were due to have been completed before the visit. When corporate arrives they head straight into the area that I made the signs for.)

Manager: *after they leave* “Where did corporate go when they got here?”

Me: “To [Area]; lucky I did the signs for there.”

Manager: “But I didn’t have time to do them; I only got the email Monday morning.”

Me: “When I rang to tell you they were ready to be printed I thought you had done them.”

Manager: “I just looked at them; I just didn’t have time to print them”.

(All that work and he didn’t have time to press the print button when he opened the file to look at it. It took me five minutes to have them all printed up and in place. Later…)

Manager: “I got into trouble for not having those signs up. You know we all have to pull together and get the work done properly. I am fed up with all the double handling that goes on around here. I’m going home. You have to cover for me.”