A Big Fat Burrito Of Weirdness

, , , | Right | May 20, 2020

I’m an eighteen-year-old girl and I work at a burrito restaurant. When you come in, you place your order at the register and then pick up your food at the end.

I’m at the cash register helping a customer when I see my dad walk in and get in line behind her.

Dad: “Hi. I placed an order on the phone?”

Me: *Confused* “Uh, you did?”

Dad: “Yeah, this morning. With you.”

I then remember that he texted me this morning telling me what kind of burrito he wanted.

Me: “Oh! Right, well, you’ll have to wait; I’m sort of already helping someone.”

I turn back to the customer, who is giving me a shocked look.

Me: “Oh, don’t worry; it’s my dad. I don’t talk like that to random customers!”

Customer: “Oh, it’s not that. I was wondering what sort of weird customer he was! You seemed so confused!”

My dad and I both laugh, and I finish getting her order. Meanwhile, my dad sees an old friend walk into the restaurant and starts chatting with them in line.

Customer: *Looks at me* “You have very lovely eyelashes, you know.”

Me: “Uh, thank you?”

The customer looks at my dad and then back to me again.

Customer: “You must get them from your mom, though. Certainly not him!”

I just stand there, shocked.

Customer: “Have a nice day, dear!”

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