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A Big Complainer All Parceled Up For You

, , , , | Right | April 17, 2020

I work in a store that has a post office in it. Today a woman comes in and is flabbergasted that she is asked for ID on a parcel. The clerk calls me to the scene.

Customer: “You’re the manager?! I have shoes older than you!”

Me: “What seems to be the trouble?”

Customer: “These two won’t give me my mail because I don’t have a driver’s license or any other identification with me!”

They need to see identification to verify that the parcel goes to the right person.

Customer: “I don’t have a license because I don’t drive! This is discriminatory!”

I suggest an alternate form of ID, which she doesn’t have on her and I have forgotten we can’t accept anyway.

Customer: “Is [Pharmacist] working? He knows me! He’ll tell you who I am!”

I give in to this demand since she is going to continue making a scene. The pharmacist confirms her identity. I instruct the clerks to let her take the parcel.

Me: “I’m sorry about all this, but it’s [Mail Company] policy to make sure that we ask everyone for ID before delivering mail.”

Customer: “Well, I’m going to call them and complain about it!”

Some people just need something to gripe about.

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