A Battery Of False Charges

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(The battery to my computer has died. To save gas, I walk to my local computer repair to see if they can order one, so I don’t have to drive to a battery supply store miles away. This was a mistake.)

Me: “Hi, I’m hoping you can order a battery for me. I know I need a battery for a [Model].”

Clerk: “Are you sure you want that, sweetheart?”

Me: “Yes. I took a picture of the back of my laptop so I know that is the model I need, and I know the issue is with the battery because I tested it.”

Clerk: *disbelieving* “Ooookayyyy.” *types on computer* “It’ll be four hundred dollars to order it and install.”

Me: “I know how to install a battery, and I know for a fact that the highest the price should be is about a hundred fifty, and the lowest I saw was around seventy dollars. Even then, installation shouldn’t cost as much as the battery itself; you just take out two screws and click it in.”

Clerk: “Look, sweetie: that’s the price. Take it or leave it.”

Me: “I guess I’m leaving it, then.”

(I start leaving when a woman comes in. I ask what the issue is with the laptop she’s carrying because I don’t want her to have the same issues I did with the condescending clerk.)

Woman: “I was told I need to reinstall the operating system because I shut it down during an update.”

Me: “They just tried to rip me off here for a new battery. I know [Tech Team] at [Popular Electronics Store] will do that for about a hundred dollars. Go there if they try to overcharge you here.”

Woman: “Thank you!”

(After that I left. I hope that store got its act together, but I doubt it.)

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