A Bath Bomb Of Realization

, , , , , | Right | May 17, 2020

Marijuana is still illegal in the US. I work for a bath and body product company and part of my job is to take orders over the phone. This call is going pretty normally with the customer choosing some bath bombs and asking questions about the products, until…

Customer: “Hey, do any of your bath bombs have weed in them?”

Me: “No, I’m afraid not.”

Customer: “Not even CBD oil?”

Me: “Nope.”

Customer: “Well, how come? I thought you guys were up in Canada? Isn’t it legal up there?”

Me: “Yes, we are, and yes, it is, but we’re a cosmetics company. We don’t have a license to sell cannabis.”

Customer: *Surprised* “You need a license for that?”

Me: “Yes, just like a liquor store. Also, I’m pretty sure that even if we did, it’d have to be a Canada-only thing. US Customs would get grumpy with us for sending pot over the border.”

Customer: “Oh. Yeah, I suppose that’s true.”

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