A Barrier To Closing Time

, , , , | Right | December 14, 2020

I work in a coffee bar in a theme park that’s located in a bigger space which people have to pass through on the way out. We always stay open later than the rest of the park, but we’re allowed to close half an hour after the park closes as long as there’s no queue and it isn’t busy.

To show we’re closed, we pull a metal barrier down about halfway, but we have to leave it open a bit so we can get out and clear tables and a bin in the main space.

This happens pretty much every day. A customer ducks under a half-closed metal barrier.

Customer: “Oh, are you closed?”

Me: “Yes, sorry about that. The park closed half an hour ago.”

Customer: “Well, could you make me a coffee?”

Me: “Sorry, I’ve started cleaning the machine; I can’t make any more drinks.”

Customer: “It’s not hard to make one coffee.”

Me: “Sorry, the coffee machine is full of cleaning chemicals. I really can’t make you a drink.”

Customer: “You’re just being lazy. This is terrible customer service.”

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