A Bag Useful For All Periods

| Friendly | December 29, 2016

(I and a friend have just arrived at school. I am male; my friend is female.)

Me: *feeling her ratch around in my bag* “What are you doing?”

Friend: *finishing and zipping up the bag* “Nothing! I need the loo. I’ll see you in reg.”

(She runs off and I completely forget about it until lunch.)

Me: “What were you doing in my bag this morning?”

Friend: “What? Oh. I started my period.”

Me: “Okay… Wait, what does that have to do with my bag?”

Friend: “I didn’t have any tampons so I took one out of yours.”

Me: “I have tampons in my bag?”

Friend: “I put them there.”

Me: “Umm, why?”

Friend: “We hang around enough that you’re like a backup supply.”

Me: “I suppose that makes sense… I wonder what my mum would think if she found one, though.”

Friend: “Who do you think gave me the idea?”

(Thanks, mum.)

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