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A Bad Sign For Their Business

, , , , | Right | May 27, 2021

Our state is still pretty shut down, so all common areas in the hotel are closed per local ordinance. A guest walks up to the front desk with a question.

Guest: “How do I work the Ethernet cable?

Me: “Oh, you just plug it in and it hardwires you to our Internet.

Guest: “It’s not working when I try.

Me: “If you bring it over, I can try to troubleshoot, but it should just connect.

Guest: “I mean the one in the business center; I can’t bring it.”

Me: “Actually, the business center is closed. We removed the computers, took down the hours, and put up a sign.

Guest: “Oh, I saw the sign, but it just says, ‘Thank you for keeping six feet apart.’

Mind you, the sign is taller than me, blocking the entrance to the business center.

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