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*I’m about an hour from being done with my 8 hour shift after my second day on the job and this scrawny women approaches my counter.*

Me: “Hi welcome to [Famous fast food company]! What can I get for you today?

Women: “Yes I’d like 6 ice cream cones.”

Me: *Glances over counter to look for kids so I don’t give a four year old a full sized cone and can give them a smaller cone, doesn’t see any so assumes she’s taking them to someone at home.* “Alright 6 ice cream cones to go?”

Women: “No I’d like them here.”

Me: “Okay that’ll be [Total]

*She pays and waits for me to practice my cone making skills and takes all six cones from me and I watch her to see if she has friends or someone waiting already but I see her take a table all by herself and set 5 of the ice creams down. eating one cone entirely, brand paper and all. I just stare because I’m slowly realizing what I’m witnessing and my manager comes over to see what I’m gawking at.

Manager: “Hey [My name] what’s going on a customer giving you troubl–”

*She sees what I’m looking at when I watch the customer repeat this process for the second cone and we stare and watch this seemly average women eat 6 whole ice cream cones without even bothering to take the labeling off first. The craziest part was I couldn’t figure out why she did it, she wasn’t obviously pregnant or anything like that that might’ve given it some reasoning… unfortunately in my now 10-day streak of work days with no weekend this story is pretty mild.. :/

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