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| Unfiltered | November 2, 2017

Last summer I stepped in some glass shards. I thought I had gotten them all out, but a few weeks later the bottom of my big toe starts to hurt, when I put pressure on it. My doctor can’t perform surgery so I have to go to the emergency room at the local hospital.
Doctor: “So, what can I do for you?”
Me: “I stepped on some glass and a small shard seems to be embedded in my big toe. It is already healed but I can feel it right here.” I show him the exact spot.
Doctor: “I can’t see anything.”
Me: “Yes, it happened some time ago.”
Doctor: “Are you sure there is something in there?”
Me: “Yes, I can feel it every time I put pressure on the toe.”
Doctor: “Well, I’ll send you to have it x-rayed.”
I don’t see why this is necessary, but as my insurance will pay for it, I don’t object. After waiting for about an hour the x-ray technician calls me in.
Tech: “So, what are we going to do today?”
I explain the situation.
Tech: stares at me “A piece of glass? Seriously, he sent you down for that? Well, unless it is lead glass it won’t show up on the x-ray.”
They do the x-ray anyway and send me back up.
Doctor: “I can’t see anything on this x-ray.”
Me: “It is really small, and right here! Could you please just make a small cut.”
He reluctantly makes a small incision.
Doctor: “Huh. There is a small piece of glass in your toe.”
Me: facepalm

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