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I’d been feeling weak and exhausted for quite a while. Medical tests indicated cancer. Blood tests, x-rays, and almost any medical test you can imagine were ordered and a biopsy scheduled.

We scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor for the pre-op exam.

As a nurse was leading me to an exam room, through an open door we saw a doctor (who was not on my case) staring at my chest x-ray . Then we noticed that the doctor was – to use an old-fashioned phrase – pleasuring himself.

Neither of us could look at anyone nearby. Nor could we speak to each other.

Let’s go over the facts again – that doctor was masturbating

with his office door wide open

in an extremely busy medical facility

and his “inspiration” was an x-ray showing my breasts. Or at least a fuzzy white depiction barely recognizable as breasts.

An x-ray to which he shouldn’t have had access.

Soon after, he left the practice and then left the state.