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(I learned about math and patterns from a very young age, so I knew all about patterns before kindergarten. So when we take some time to “buddy” with the fifth graders to learn about patterns, I decide to have some fun. We get told to write down an example pattern, repeated three times.)

Me: *draws square, circle*

Fifth Grader: “Good job! What comes next?”

Me: *draws square, circle*

Fifth Grader: “Yup! And now again.”

Me: *draws triangle*

Fifth Grader: “Oh no, that should be a square to do the pattern again.”

Me: *stays silent and draws square, circle*

Fifth Grader: “Yeah, like that! But without the—”

Me: *draws triangle*

Fifth Grader: “—triangle. Okay, so try just square circle square circle.” *indicates for me to continue it*

Me: *draws square, circle*

Fifth Grader: “Good job! So now just write all that down.”

Me: *draws triangle and looks up at him*

Fifth Grader: “OH! Your pattern was… oh, good job! Really good job!”

(It was a little thing but I still look fondly back on the day I outsmarted a fifth grader.)

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