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A customer is contacting me to ask about a refund we made for him a few days earlier

(after checking the account)
[Me]: I see that the refund was correctly issued.
[Me]: it should appear after 5 to 7 days, but sometime takes up to 10.
[Me]: You should contact your bank to know when it will appear on your statement.
[Customer]: ? So i did get refund already????
[Me]: Did you check your bank account ?
[Customer]: I can’t see anything on my account online
[Me]: As I said, it take between 5 to 10 days to appear, the refund were made on the 5th and 8th so it should appear by the 15th and 18th
[Customer]: So i did received money or not??? This is too complicated
[Customer]: ?

(at this point I start to lose it)

[Me]: What is it you don’t understand (customer’s name) ?
[Me]: We made the refund, BUT it takes time to appear on your account, so please wait until the 18th of April and if you still can’t see it, contact your bank
[Customer]: So i did receive refund to my account already?
[Customer]: i don’t understand

[Me]: (customer’s name) did you read what I just sent you ?
[Me]: I don’t know how to put it in a more simple way (customer’s name), I’m sorry
[Customer]: so this is very straight question
[Me]: in 10 days
[Me]: do you understand ?
[Me]: it is on its way to you bank account but your bank need to update your account before you can see it.
[Customer]: ?
[Customer]: So you already sent money to my account?
[Me]: YES, we already sent the money back to you
[Customer]: ok

(end of chat)


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