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(Note: We’re finishing up painting the last room of a massive house. Our contract allows for weather issues, but asserts that payment for painting is due on a concrete date.

My boss is talking to the owners of a house we’re currently painting.)

Boss: Unfortunately until the weather clears up we can’t continue painting.

Owner 1: *suddenly enraged* What! Why?

Boss: Because we’re using a high gloss paint, we can’t paint under 18C. The paint becomes watery and-.

Owner 2: You’ve barely been here all week! This is completely unacceptable and unprofessional!

Boss: As I have stated in previous emails this week, a s have stated ma’am, the weather is making painting impossible. You can check on our paintcans if you want; it is clearly labelled that this paint cannot be used in cool weather. As soon as the weather clears up, we guarantee we’ll be back to finish off the last coat of your pantry, but the paint literally cannot be used until then.

Owner 2: Well I certainly won’t be paying a cent until you finish the job!

Boss: I understand your frustration ma’am, but we have a legally binding contract. The rain and cold weather is holding us up, but as soon as the weather clears up, we can finish off the last room.

Owner 1: *with a smug smile* Well, I hope the weather clears up too, because the rain and cold may be holding up our payment too.”