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| Unfiltered | October 29, 2017

I work in a custom jewelry store as the “Repair Guy” like sizing rings and fixing chains. We’re a small mom and pop shop and we have a doorbell to ring people in.

Now you know a little back story, it’s 5 mins after close and I’m pulling the jewelry from the cases to put them in the safe for the night. The doorbell rings, my boss walks to the door and opens it slightly and says, “we closed at 6, but how can I help you? Are you picking up?”
“Oh, no! We just need a ring sized up. It’s just a small size.”
Boss lets them in and he’s already asking how fast we can get it done..
Boss says, “We open tomorrow at 10, so I can-”
“Oh good we’ll pick it up in the morning!”
I stop everything I’m doing to look at this guy like “are you fucking kidding me?”
So, my boss turns to them and says, “I need time to do it so you can pick it up tomorrow afternoon..”
They start grumbling about it!! And finally they ask, “Well, how much is it going to be?”
“$109 to have it ready by tomorrow after-”
“We’ll go somewhere else!” Snatches the ring and walks out…

Thanks for wasting our time…

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