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(Lately, our store has started a “buy one bag, get two cans free” deal on several dog and cat food brands. However, corporate had the brilliant idea of designing all the sales signs so the “buy one” and “get two free” parts were in large, prominent writing, while the “bag” and “cans” parts were in tiny writing. Sure enough, I end up having to deal with all the angry customers as a result.)

Cashier: *paging* “Manager to register one.”

(I rush over and see a lady yelling at my cashier. Meanwhile, her four children are running around the store making an even louder fuss.)

Me: “How can I help?”

Customer: “The price is wrong on these bags of dog food! It’s supposed to be buy one, get two free!”

Me: “Sorry, it’s actually buy one bag, get two cans free.”

Customer: “NO IT’S NOT! I’m an extreme couponer! I know what I’m talking about! It’s buy one BAG, get two BAGS free! I’ll show you!”

(I let her lead me to one of the sales signs.)

Customer: “SEE? It says RIGHT THERE!”

Me: “It says ‘Buy one bag, get two cans free.’ See?”

(I point at the words “bag” and “cans.” In response, she THROWS her bags of dog food at me and storms out of the store with her children. For some reason, she takes an empty cart out with her and leaves it in the middle of the parking lot when she drives away. Payback, I guess? I can understand being frustrated at the misleading sales signs, but you’d think an “extreme couponer” would have the sense to read the fine print… and also maybe not throw heavy products at people.)