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(My coworker handles comics in our store. He orders and gets comics for our subscribers, as well as manages our comic walls. When comics come in for said subscribers, he’ll send them an email. This happens every week for multiple customers. We have a written rule that we try to get all of our subscribers to follow: come in at LEAST once a month to pick up your comics. We’re pretty lenient about it, though, so sometimes we can let it slide IF they call or let us know if they can’t make it every month. But that’s only if they do so; some subscribers NEVER tell us. One Tuesday after our comics shipment, we get a phone call. I answer.)

Me: Thank you for calling [store] this is [my name] how can I help you?

Caller: Yeah, I haven’t gotten any emails for my comics? I was wondering if any of them were in? I’ve been waiting for some of them, and normally you guys email but I haven’t gotten anything.

Me: Okay, what’s your name –

Caller: And I know how good you guys are about that, so I was wondering what was up.

Me: Okay! What’s your name –

Caller: My name is [name]?

(I go to check the boxes. Lo, there’s nothing. Nothing at all. I check the database, and it looks like we have a single comic for him, though I don’t know where it is.)

Me: Okay, it looks like you’ve got this one comic and –

Caller: That’s it?! Okay well do you know if there’s a variant cover for that? And I was also looking to add [other comic] onto my list.

Me: Unfortunately I’m not sure about the variant but I can definitely get you –

Caller: Oh, and do you know why they didn’t email me?

(I’m getting a little flustered by this guy – thank goodness my coworker isn’t too busy at the moment.)

Me (REALLY quickly): Let me get you over to our comics guy, one moment… (puts him on hold) Hey [coworker] help! It’s [name].

Coworker: …I’m emailing him right now. No joke. Hang on.

(My coworker is on the phone for ten minutes telling this guy that, hey, he emailed, he called, he never got ANY response, and NO, THERE WERE NO COMICS ON HOLD. We could MAYBE get them for him IF he would come in at least once a month. Would that be possible? At all? After he hangs up…)

Coworker: Man, this guy. Over a couple of comics, too. Jeez…