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(I am in the lobby while self checkout is being set up for the day. A grandmother and her grandson come in while I’m out there. The grandmother is talking on the phone, and her grandson quickly becomes bored. He climbs into one of the motorized carts we have for disabled and elderly customers.)
Grandson: Excuse me, can you unplug this?
Me: No, I can’t.
Grandson: Why not?
Me: These are for customers who have trouble walking. They are not a toy.
(I go back to pacing, and the grandmother is yelling at the person on the other end. She eventually hangs up.)
Grandmother: Ugh! They’re so stupid! I had an appointment yesterday, Monday. They should’ve called me Friday to remind me, but they didn’t!
Me: That is very weird.
Grandmother: They said that the next appointment I could get wouldn’t be until July 28!
Me: Oh wow.
Grandmother: I just… ugh. Thank you for letting me rant.
Me: It’s not problem.
Grandmother: (Grandson), off the scooter and tell the lady thank you.
Grandson: Thank you.
Grandmother: She told you what these are, who they’re for, and that they’re not a…
Grandson: Toy.
Grandmother: That’s right. Not a toy. Tell her thank you.
Grandson: Thank you.
Me: You’re welcome.

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