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( I go into work on what would have been my mother’s 60th birthday. We have a machine that makes blended coffee that has been broken for a few days while we wait on a repair guy to come fix it. Most customers are understanding. But this guy in the drive thru was a big exception )

Me: you may order whenever you’re ready
Cust: I’d like (breakfast sandwich) and a medium (blended drink).
Me: I’m so sorry sir, but the machine that makes those drinks for us is currently not working. Could I get you a different drink?
I listed off the other drinks we had available.
Cust: well when I pulled up your greeter said you had ( blended beverage) for 2 dollars!
Me: actually sir that price is for any of the small drinks from our cafe list. I just can’t serve you the (blended beverage) today because the machine is broken.
Cust: well f*** you! Have a nice day B****!
Me: (yelling) right back at you!!!
As he drove by my window he flipped me off. I returned the gesture. I then proceeded to the store supervisor and told her the whole exchange in case he decided to call and complain.
Super: I know it’s a rough day for you. But when people are like that and they drive by in a huff, just give them your biggest smile and wave bye bye.
Me: I did wave..
Super: next time do it with more than one finger..

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