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(I have contacted Amazon Customer Support because a feature on my Kindle called Word Wise, which displays hints above words that they don’t think the reader knows, displays too many hints for my liking. I’m wondering if it’s possible to teach it what words I know or something because it’s pretty annoying as it is. I was not having a great day, so I WAS a little hard to understand. The following is copied verbatim from the transcript:)
Initial Question: When I use the word wise feature of my Kindle, it displays too many hints, even when I turn the slider down to the lowest setting, labelled “fewer hints”. Is there any way I can make it display even fewer hints?
12:55 [Strange Name](Amazon): Hello, my name is [Strange Name]. I’m here to help you today.
12:55 Me: Is there any other setting that I can change or something like that?
12:56 [Strange Name]: As i understand your would like to remove special offers from your kindle?
12:57 Me: No, I would like to make word wise display fewer hints.
(Long pause.)
01:00 [Strange Name]: Okay, let me check this for you.
01:02 [Strange Name]: Thanks for waiting. Do you see a lot of options at lowest setting on all the books?
01:03 Me: I have it on the lowest setting. It still displays too many hints.
01:04 [Strange Name]: Does the hints increases when you set the setting to maximum?
01:05 Me: Yes.
(He proceeded to tell me that it was working as expected. They just thought most users would have small vocabularies…
I still am not sure whether I was talking to a chatbot, but I doubt it, because a chatbot would use good grammar and spelling.)

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