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, | Unfiltered | October 27, 2017

My co-worker (let’s call her A) and I make pizzas to order at a counter that also serves hot roat chickens; the shop also happens to be in a fairly pretentious area (this matters in a bit). Unfortunately, the juices from the chickens attract a lot of flies in the summer and we pretty much can’t do anything about it because chemical sprays aren’t allowed in the food prep area. What our boss does do is put up a bunch of very sticky panels at the top of the wall behind the hot counter in the hopes of fly-papering all of our “little friends”.

One day a customer came up to the counter and as A is making her pizza, the sticky black panels – by this time utterly covered in dead or dying flies – catches this woman’s eye and she asks if the flies up there are real. A instantly responds with “No it’s modern art.”
The woman doesn’t look convinced but A soldiered on. “We have lots of food back here, right, so what’s our worst fear? Flies. It’s a piece of modern art reflecting that.”

Now either A is the greatest liar of all time, or the customer figured that was to be expected in a snobby area (even in a fairly cheap supermarket), or she was just daft enough, but the woman believed it! She took her pizza, said “oh, okay”, and carried on her way.

A probably shouldn’t have really done that but hey, it’s funny.