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It’s about 12:20 am on a closing shift at Wendy’s, and we get a large order at the drivethru with a lot of fries. We don’t have enough fries to fill the large order, but we have enough for the cars behind it, so we pull the first car up. I make the sandwiches, and then head into the dining room to finish cleaning and stocking for the morning, while my coworkers deal with the rest of the orders. About ten minutes later, they realize they’ve forgotten about the car they pulled up, quickly finish the order, and send me out to deliver it. The customer was not happy.

Customer: (very aggressively) Do you know why it took twenty fucking minutes for my food to come out?

My instinct is to reply “it didn’t,” but I’m not an idiot, so I don’t.

Me: I’m sorry, sir. I don’t

Customer: well you guys sure seemed to be having a lot of fucking fun talking and laughing in there!

I wordlessly hand him his food.

Customer: I work in a professional fucking kitchen! I know it doesn’t take this fucking long!

Me: I’m sorry sir.

Customer: (driving away) Fuck you!

So I got cussed out by an angry white guy because he had to wait ten minutes for his food, because my coworkers were too busy being lazy fucks to remember he was there. Don’t you just love fast food?

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