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| Unfiltered | October 25, 2017

Our shop has recently been bought out by a large chain. They’re keeping the staff on and want us to help out with the shops makeover. The place is being painted, new signs, new shelves, new checkouts everything is changing and the shop is busy with decorators and staff. We’ve shut the shop for the day as we can barely move for all the equipment, stock and general debris but workers are moving in and out of the shop so the doors are still open but we’ve lowered the metal shutters to indicate that we aren’t open and we’ve also had notices displayed for weeks to state we won’t be open today. Despite this several customers still try and come in, bending under the shutters and clambering over shelving and only after after that obstacle course is done do they look around at the bare wires and stripped bare walls and shelving and all say the exact same thing:
“oh are you closed?”

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