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, | Unfiltered | October 25, 2017

(I am filling the produce section at a popular UK supermarket to the specifications given to be by my manager: stack it high. As a result, items often shift and fall off the shelves when a customer picks one up. It’s a busy day and I am stacking boxes of bananas when I see a bag of oranges fall off the shelf after a customer had picked up a different bag. Knowing this happens a lot, I assume the customer hadn’t noticed and I walk over, and put it back on the shelf. The customer and her husband who were halfway down the aisle stop and turn to me.)

Customer’s Husband: Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: Oh, now you’re getting cheeky? How dare you treat us like this?

Customer’s Husband: You have a serious attitude problem, no wonder you are stuck in a dead end job.

Me: I’m sorry if I seemed to have an attitude, this happens all the time I was just putting it back up on the shelf.

Customer: You rude little b***h! I’m going to speak to your manager!

(Off they go, and come back several minutes later with the worst manager I have ever worked with, who asks me to step into the office that is directly next to customer service and explain what had happened.)

Manager: Well why did you have an attitude about it? Why did you call the customer a “stupid b***h under your breath? They are hardly going to lie about that are they?

Me: I don’t know what they told you, I was just doing my job and I didn’t say anything to them before they talked to me

Manager: Well, you must be lying *begins to shout* YOU CANNOT TREAT CUSTOMERS THIS WAY IT IS UNACCEPTABLE

(He continues on his rant, and as we leave the office the two customers are stood right outside the door, smirking at me. I have no idea why they decided to pick on me that day.)

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