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| Unfiltered | October 25, 2017

“I Wanna Hold Your Hand-le”

Our toilet flushing handle at home breaks and we head to a location of a popular hardware chain.

My wife and I go to the plumbing department, and we see a young lady by the department’s help desk. She has to be at – or just above – 16 years old, blonde, a little pretty, but seems timid.  I’m male, was in my mid 30s, overweight, unshaven with unkempt hair, and am wearing crummy, ‘weekend chores’ kind of clothes. So, I’m not feeling attractive in the slightest.

I ask her where the toilet hardware section is, and she quietly tells us to follow her, and asks us what we’re looking for. I am about to show her the toilet handle, and she softly takes it with her right hand.

We get to the hardware section, and I stand back to see the entire section clearly. The young lady stands between my wife and me at my right, looks at the toilet handle in her right hand, takes a few steps backwards, and then LEANS (almost stretching) back and to the left, and makes contact with my right shoulder.

Before I can move, thinking she bumped into me, she steps further back. Then she presses in to me with her full body, all the while looking at the same wall of hardware.

I’m kind of frozen from confusion, wondering if she even is aware that she is pressing against my body, but then she gently, but deliberately, starts cupping her left hand around my right hand.

“We can find what we need, thank you!” I blurt out, while taking my hand back. I try to step back further, but almost trip and fall on the base of the wall behind me.

“Okay.” the employee says, hands the handle to my wife, and just walks away.

My wife and I find the handle we need, pay and go in the car in silence.

“What the heck was that?” I ask my wife.

“I have noooo clue.” my wife responds.

I was so confused by the ordeal that I had no idea what to say to a manager or anything.  I never saw that employee again.