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(I am working the lunch shift at drive-thru when a woman comes to the speaker).

Me: Hello, welcome to (blank). What can we make for you today?

Customer: Hi, I would like a number 5 combo.

Me: Would you like that small, medium, or large?

Customer: I would also like a sprite with that.

Me: Absolutely. And would you like the small, medium, or large?

And, I kid you not, this woman starts SCREAMING. And I don’t mean yelling, I’m talking about piercing screams, as if she were being murdered or something. I took off my headset and stood there in shock for a minute, having no clue what would cause her to react like that. My manager, who is wearing another headset, comes up to me.

“What the heck was that?”

I shrug, and get back to taking orders. I assumed that the customer drove off or something, but a couple minutes later she comes up to the window.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry! A bee flew into my car and scared me to death.”

So…yup. Turns out is was just a bee, and that’s why she was screaming like that. Anyway, it was definitely one of the strangest experiences I had working there. And that’s saying something.

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