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(I have to send a small package overseas to a friend. Unfortunately, the German postage system is somewhat difficult to understand because there are so many options and regulations of what size and what weight can be shipped with which postage, so I go to the counter to ask and become ‘that’ confused customer, sadly.)
Me: Hi! I want to ship this to the US. It’s a ‘small parcel’ according to size, but it’s far below ‘small parcel’ regulations in terms of weight, so I don’t know what the postage would be. Also, the smallest parcel option is without tracking, so would I have to… like… ‘upgrade’ to a larger parcel and pay more to get tracking?
Postal clerk: Let me check. *typing into his computer* Actually, it seems like we can just ship this as an oversized letter. You’ll pay [lower price than expected], and it comes with automatic tracking for overseas shipping.
Me: But.. it’s not a letter. It’s clearly a cardboard box. Won’t that cause trouble?
Postal clerk: No, our system just scans the code, it doesn’t care about size.
Me: But there are postage regulations concerning size?
Postal clerk: That’s just set as guidelines to ensure that shipping containers, vans and such don’t get overloaded with large packages.
Me: Ok, sorry. I’m just worried it won’t be shipped or get lost or something.
Postal clerk: Of course. But watch this. (He prints the postage and puts it on my parcel. He then starts waving his hands above it in a sort of ‘magician showing off his trick way’, ending it with “Abracadabra!”) Tadaa! It is now – an oversized letter!
(He made me laugh, saved me money, and made sure I got tracking. The package arrived perfectly on time in the US. Best post office visit ever!)

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