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I used a company’s chat support service. The person I was talking to was an idiot.

Support: Thank you for contacting [Company]. What is your concern?

Me: Hi, I’m trying to upgrade to [Upgrade] from your online store, and it keeps giving me an error.

Support: Updates are needed for [Current Software] before upgrading to [Upgrade].

I had just wiped this device and knew that everything was completely up to date. In fact, it had just spent two days updating.

Me: [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: I’m talking about [Current Software].

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is completely up to date.

Support: You need to do the updates.

Me: Listen [Agent], my version of [Current Software] is 100% completely up to date.

Support: [Current Software] updates.

Me: Yes, [Current Software] is up to date.

He then tells me he wants to remote control my computer to see if he can resolve the problem. I go through the first few steps, before telling him:

Me: You know what? I’ve changed my mind. I’m going to fix it myself.

I closed the chat, and tried to reinstall [Upgrade]. When that failed, I went to [Current Software]’s updates and clicked “Check for Updates”. Sure enough, “28 updates available.”