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(During my summers I work for a minor league team as bat boy, which is what the players call me even though I’m female. On the night in question I’m working for the visiting team. Their trainer, a very overweight man, decided to stand outside the dugout, something that is very unusual. I quickly understand why he’s standing with me when he starts making sexist comments, non-stop. Finally he leaves to do something, during which the sun sets and the temperature drops quite a bit. I’m chilly, so I put on my jacket.)

Trainer: “Jacket? It’s not that cold.”

Me: *giving him a pointed look* “I’m not surprised you think so. I mean, with all that blubber to keep you warm…”

Trainer: “…you’ve been waiting to use that all night, haven’t you?”

Me: “D*** straight.”

(Without another word the trainer goes to sit down in the dugout. I don’t see him for the rest of the night.)

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