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(I am a teacher and I learned the hard way NOT to use Mad Libs with 12/13 year olds.)

Me: “All right students, so you may be asked to fill in a blank with an adjective. Now an adjective is a word that describes a noun. Some examples are beautiful, tall, short. Does anyone have a suggestion for the mad lib on the board?”

(All at once, students begin to shout out their answers:)

Student #1: “SEXY!”

Student #2: “BOOTYLICIOUS!”

Student #3: “SAGGY!”

Me: “…all right, I think we’re done with this.”

Student #4: “Aw, but teach, I had a great one for the next verb.”

(I should have known better, but this was a student who rarely shares with the class. So I decided to hear him out.)

Me: “What was it, [Student #4]?”

Student #4: “Jerking!”

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