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(In my shop class, we work in groups of three and the tables are covered in canvas so nothing gets on the table.)

Me: “Can you get a drill, [Friend #1]?”

Friend #1: “Sure.” *she walks across the room*

Me: “Okay, we need to drill this part over here.”

Friend #1: “I wonder if we drilled sideways on the canvas, would the drill get stuck?”

Me: “Um, go ahead.”

([Friend #1] drills sideways and gets the drill stick in the canvas. Our teacher is coming our way so [Friend #1] yanks it out, but there is now a big rip in the canvas.)

Me: *in between laughs* “Hi [Teacher]!”

Friend #2: “What happened?”

Me: *I explain the story*

Friend #2: “You wouldn’t get a drill stuck in the canvas (sticks the drilll sideways and the.ln gets it so stuck she can’t pull it out)

Me: (teacher) is walking over run!!!!

Friend #1: (runs across the room with me) phew

Teacher to friend 2: did you do that on purpose

Friend #2: no of course not

(Teacher proceeds to yank the drill out of the canvas while me and friend 1 can’t stop laughing)

Me: well that was eventful