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(I’m standing in the hunting/outdoors section of the local sporting goods stores whose employees are usually dressed in green and khaki clothes and a name-tag on a lanyard. I’m wearing black pants, black shirt and a have just come from work. A customer looking at some knives on a display snaps his fingers at me.)

Customer: “Hey! Yeah, you! Hey, yeah, can you tell me how much this knife is? There’s no price on it.”

Me: “Oh, sorry. I don’t work here. I’m just waiting for my background check to go through so I can buy a shotgun.”

Customer: “Hey, I just want to know how much this knife is. Can you get one of your other workers to come out here and give me a price check on this thing?”

Me: “Sir! I don’t work here. I work for [Governmental Department]. If you need a price check on the knife, you’ll need to find an employee. I don’t see a price over there, either. Tell you what? For you, I’ll give you a special price, because I like you. Uhh, $5.”

Customer: “Sounds good! I’ll take it!”

(He then actually took a knife off the rack and walked up to the front with it.)

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