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(Since we are oriented towards tradesmen, we have an account system to back up receipts, so we often address the customers by name if they are)
Me: Ok [name] your total is [three-figure total].
Customer: OK, I’ll pay in cash.
(He gives me one different note, the rest are the new £5, which are plastic and do not work with the tester pens)
Me: Bear with me.
(I take the fives and go to a UV light to run them all under it)
Customer: It’s fine.
(I get a colleague to double count the money as per policy when we’re done, I start checking the tills and start splitting the extra fivers with the other tills)
Customer: *jokingly* You’re going to town with my fives aren’t you?
Me: *chuckles* Thanks for keeping our change flowing, I don’t think we’ll be ordering any this week.