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| Unfiltered | October 22, 2017

I used to work in a bakery shop with many non-native coworkers. One day, this interaction happened between a customer and one of my Eastern European colleagues.

Customer: I’ll have a slice of strawberry cake please.

Coworker: We sell three different kinds of strawberry cake, can you please show me which one you want?

Customer: I want a strawberry cake!

Coworker: Sir, which one of them do you mean?

Customer: Strawberry!

Coworker gives up and randomly chooses one of the cakes and starts wrapping it up.

Customer: That’s not what I wanted! How stupid are you? Go back to the farm where you came from!

Coworker, almost in tears, runs out the back muttering “a****” as she was leaving. And yes, our supervisor made HER apologise…