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A man and woman, both in their fifties at least, come in to the restaurant with their dog in a small stroller. We chat and while they seem nice, they hardly seem peppy.

Manager: is that service dog?

Woman: Yes. (calm but I can sense a seething tension. She and her husband point to the dog’s vest, which is hard to see through the mesh.) is there someone who’s complaining?

Me: no, we just –

Woman: people like to mind each others’ business. I don’t. That’s not me. Personally, I don’t care. (I try to redirect their attention back to their order to avoid any awkwardness. I read their total) you wouldn’t like me if you knew my political affiliations.

Me: judge not lest you be judged.

Woman: right, because you’re a millennial. (I’m thirty)

Me: no, because I’m me.

Woman: well, right now, it’s the young versus the old.

Me: no, it’s all of us together.

She seemed pleased with this response, paid, and sat down. Still not sure what the heck that was all about.

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