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(I work at a hamburger shop in a very popular amusement park in my area. During one of the biggest dinner rushes that I had seen of the season, I was working the back line- which is where I assemble the burgers and fry the fries for the people on the front line to put onto plates and serve to customers. Suddenly, while making a burger, I hear commotion on the front line and look across the counter to see a heated customer arguing with my manager. She then grabs the entire fry holding bin- which is about 3 square feet and a half a foot deep- and brings it to the back line. I had never seen my manager get upset or stressed but when she comes back to the back line area, there is hellfire in her eyes)

Manager: “Heat up some more fries for this a**hole” *She then dumps the entire bin in the garbage before hurrying back to front line*

(I decided not to question her at the time because of how busy it was. I had already had some fries dropped in the oil and as such it wasn’t long before we picked up stride and finished serving the dinner rush. But later when we had closed, I asked her what happened)

Me: “Sooo what was all that about? With the fries and the angry dude?”

Manager: “*sighs* We had someone a few orders in front of him who wanted to change their fries to a fruit cup. [Coworker] picked up the fries from the plate and put them back in the fry bin. He then started screaming at us that what she was doing was a health code violation. I tried to explain to him that it was not and that [Coworker] was wearing gloves that had only been touching food but he demanded we make entirely new fries. I wasn’t going to argue with him at that point. Sorry if it put more stress on what you were doing at the time.”

Me: “No not at all. I can’t believe he’d pull something like that when we had that many people in here though.”

(At this point, a different coworker that had been cashiering at the time of the incident overheard our conversation)

Coworker: “Did he have a pink shirt and two kids with him?”

Manager: “Yeah, why?”

Coworker: “Yeah when he was in line he was like borderline beating his kids. When he got to the register he yelled ‘TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT’ *Demonstrating by yanking forcefully on an imaginary kid’s arm*

(My manager and I were appalled at this. Thankfully, we never encountered this customer again nor did we have any similar incidents the rest of the season)

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