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(I’m an avid sewer, but normally I can’t afford buying expensive fabrics. Once or twice a month I visit a second hand shop that specializes in plus size garments since buying a few pieces will normally give me enough fabric to work with (I’m quite short and small), and is much cheaper than the fabric store. All the employees there know me, but even if they didn’t, there are no rules or regulations about what size you can be to shop there. I stop by the shop on a Saturday afternoon to find some pieces to revamp.)

Manager: “Hey, [my name]! Good to see you. There’s a fabulously hideous dress I just put out that could use some love! It’s on the end of the dress rack.”

(I thank him, head over to the rack he indicated and find the dress. The fabric the dress is made out of is completely gorgeous. The dress however, is vile. I decide it will be perfect for my projects, so I stick it in my cart and keep looking. I notice the lady beside me glaring at me.)

Me: “Oh, um, sorry, did you want this?”

Lady: *rolls her eyes* “You’re not allowed to be in here, you know. It’s for healthy-sized people only. You’re obviously anorexic, so you can’t be in here.” (This lady is clearly no where near healthy size.)

Me: “There’s actually no rules about who can and can’t shop here. I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable, but I have just as much right to be here as you do.”

Lady: “No! You need to leave! You’re body shaming me! You’re obviously just in here to show off your anorexic little body and make everyone feel awful about theirs!”

(I have absolutely no idea what to say to her, so I just move on to a different section of the store. However, she decides to follow me around and continuously tell me how I’m fat shaming just by being thin and shopping in a plus sized store, and how I’m promoting unhealthy living by being “anorexic”. Eventually I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Okay, look lady. I didn’t make you overweight, however I’ve worked very hard to maintain my body. I’m not anorexic. I go to the gym four times per week and eat healthy. That’s why I’m thin. Maybe you should try it. It’s not my fault you look like that. Now, get your fat-ass away from me and over to a gym or something.”

(The lady looks absolutely shell-shocked, and stomps away from me yelling about how she’s going to get the manager to call the police. I immediately feel ashamed after I say that, since I don’t know if she’s overweight from poor life choices or a medical condition. However, that changes as soon as I see her being escorted from the store by a couple officers. The manager comes up and fills me in.)

Manager: “Don’t worry, [my name], she does this all the time. Anyone thinner than her is always shaming her and anorexic. You’re just the first person to stand up to her and call her out.”

Me: “I feel a bit bad though, I said some pretty nasty things. I didn’t mean to, I just got fed up.”

Manager: “Oh, don’t worry about it. She could change if she wanted to. Every time she’s in here she scarfs down a 1.5L bottle of soda, a family sized bag of potato chips and a couple bars of chocolate. I think she could use a wake up call. Anyway, your items are on us today, so take whatever you want. And don’t worry, she won’t be back.”

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