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(Husband and wife call in wanting payment extension on past due cable bill of $209)
Me: I’m sorry, It looks like if we don’t receive this past due payment by the end of today, the services would be interrupted.

Husband: You can’t give us until the 3rd when we get paid again?

Me: I do apologize, but this past due is already over a month late and you have another bill set to print before the 3rd, at that time the account will be two months past due.

Wife: Tell her thanks to her we can’t eat again for two weeks because we have no food in the house!

Husband: My wife wants to talk to you.

Me: Hi, how can I help you?

Wife: You can’t give us until the 3rd? We have been good customers. We don’t HAVE 209 to be spending on cable right now, we need to eat!

Me: I definitely understand, however, your account is already over a month past due so I cannot extend the payment out any further. I can possibly help you reduce the services to cut down on some of the costs?

Wife: I ain’t cutting nothin’ down! You and your company are crooks! When I end up in the hospital I’m taking your job and suing you and the company when me and my family starve! How would YOU like it if I came into YOUR house and told YOU that you and your family can’t eat for two weeks!

Me: (trying not to laugh) Ma’am, I absolutely get where you are coming from. As I previously stated, I can give you some options to lower your bi-

Wife: I don’t want your options! I want a f***ing extension!

Me: I’m sorry, we really cannot extend this out any further, now once you are able to make the payme-

Wife: I am going to make sure you lose your job and you’ll really be laughing once you get hit with a lawsuit for my medical bills! I am already contacting the better business bureau!

(Call drops)