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(I go to a big chain grocery store at night after I get off of work. My fiancé is with me. We are ringing up our groceries when this occurs. Tonight my fiancé wanted a few cans of sardines.)

Employee: “Oh haha.” *to me, indistinctive mumbling* “Got sardines!”

Me: Oh….yeah. Hah. My fiance wanted some.

My fiance is halfway done ringing our groceries up.

Employee: (To me. indistinctive mumbling) Sardines!

Me: (smiles and nods while laughing nervously) Hah…yeah…sardines….They aren’t for me.

The employee repeats this again, but realizes he won’t get much of a response from me. So he turns to my fiance to chit chat about…you guessed it…Sardines.

Fiance: All right, you have a nice night.

We finish up and begin walking out, but the employee follows us till we walk out the front door commenting about sardines. Once he heads back into the building, I turn towards my fiance and point at him.


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