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I just waited for a package for supplies for me to continue doing my side job at home. I got no notification after a month (it said latest the items would arrive is Feb 15) so I decided to check it out, it said that it had been returned to the seller. I call them up about why I received no notifications and why nobody came here. This was what the person at USPS said

“The driver said he drove to [my address] 4 times on 4 different days at 3:00-4:00. Everytime an elderly woman opened the door and said “there’s no [my name]” here!” Driver then looked through mailbox at end of driveway to the apartment complex to see if there was mail for [my name] and found none.”

1) the package arrived to their office friday, they sent it back saturday.
2) There’s no old woman living where I’m at
3) I do not live in an apartment complex. Nor anywhere near one. Yes, they repeated back the correct address to me and told me a landmark it was nearby, yet still somehow missed it.

USPS is making excuses for obviously their driver lying about not wanting to do their job.

And then they offered me $20 when the seller sends it back out again to have it expressed delivered. You’d think they’d just cover it themselves after their mistake and hopefully fire a lazy wretch.

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