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So, I work at a party shop that sells balloons as well as the option to have them inflated them with helium to make them float. The following situation happens on a regular occurrence with different customers however this is my favourite one!

Middle aged customer walks in with balloons on ribbons that are tied to a balloon weight. The balloons are clearly just filled with air as they are dragging along the floor, not floating at all.
customer: Hi! I’m so confused. I inflated the balloons that I bought from you but they’re not floating! Is something wrong with them?
me: how did you inflate them? did you hire a helium cylinder from us or do you have access to helium?
customer: oh! no I just inflated them by mouth. I thought it would be cheaper than helium.
me: yes it’s cheaper but balloons don’t float with air. they need to be inflated with helium to float.
customer: oh! really?!

I can’t stop picturing the customer sitting at home, huffing and puffing away and not understanding why her breath isn’t making the balloons float x’D

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