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I work at K-mart as a cashier and we have a policy that if the price is .98 or .97, it’s not included in any sales we may be having.
Customer- who looks around 70-80 ish- *walks to my register with cart full of clothes*
Me- Hello, how are you today?
Customer- Good thank you now your sign says that anything in .99 is on sale for 30% off but this ends in .98 will I still be getting the sale?
Me- Unfortunately no, as the sign says it’s only for items ending in .99( by this we mean anything ending in .99 like $5.99 or $21.99 etc.) since it’s .98 it’s considered everyday great pricing.
Customer- But it’s only a penny difference!
Me- I know but that’s our policy and it is on the sign in the fine print.
Customer- No one reads that! This is fraud! What would your manager say?!?
Me- The exact same thing, I can have them come over
Customer- Yes go that!
Me-*walks over to my manger and explains the situation*
Manager- you explained to her? and she still wants me over there?
Me- yes
Manager-ok I’ll be there *rolls eyes (she’s been there since 9 am and it was around 3 PM so she was very much tired and not amused.*
Me-*walks back to register and see customer left and went straight to my manager*
Co-worker- what happened?
Me- *Explains everything*
Co-worker- oh ok, I’ll be right back and tell you what happens. *Walks over where manager and customer are talking and overhears conversation*
Me-*Continues to do work and sees customer leaving, looks straight into her eyes and smile, customer looks more pissed*
Co-worker-*comes back* Well you aren’t a lair and she didn’t get what she want
Me-good and that just made my day *Was in a good mood for the rest of my shift*