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| Unfiltered | October 12, 2017

My co-worker calls me to the register.

Co-worker “(My Name) can you help me with this refund? I can’t get the items to scan”

Me “Sure, there’s the receipt?”

Co-worker “The customer lost it”

Me “But we can’t refund without it” *Co-worker knows this.

Customer “I bought them here, I need a refund”

Me “I should be able to offer an exchange or credit note, where are the items?”

Co-worker *gives me the items “I don’t know why I can’t get them to scan”

Me *giving them a quick glance “That’s because they aren’t our stock”

Customer “I bought them here”

Me “No you didn’t, this one here is (Competitor’s) own brand and that one is Target”

Customer “How do you know that? You didn’t even look at them.”

Me “Because it says Target right there and” *turns the other item over “here it says made exclusively for (Competitor)”

Customer “I can’t return them here?”

Me “Umm no”

She finally leaves.

Co-worker “I don’t know how you knew that”

I mentally face palm as I wonder how someone who had been in the store for three years does not know our own stock.

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